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Walking for Weight Loss

Now with the cooler weather it's the perfect time to start to walk away those extra pounds.  However taking a leisurely stroll is not enough to get that heart pumping and lose weight.  Leslie Sansone's 7-day walking plan will rev up your calorie burn.  After one week of fast-walking, you'll firm and tone your muscles as well as boost your metabolism and kick start your weight loss.  So grab those walking shoes and let's get started. Read More




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Use Music to Kick Up Your Workout

Researchers at Ghent University in Belgium have found that working out to music with specific beats per minute (bpm) can actually help to keep you on pace and speed up your workout which will increase your calorie burn. Read More.




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To control serving size of pretzels or chips, repackage them in plastic bags with the correct serving size for your diet. Doing so, will prevent snacking from the larger bag and blowing your diet. 



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