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Downsizing Portions Can Help with Weight Loss

From fast food restaurants to specialty coffees to dinners at home, Americans are serving up giant portions and the results are showing up on our scales.  Just small increases in portion size can slowly pack on the pounds.  

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that women are eating 22 percent more calories than they were 30 years ago.  That comes out to 335 calories more each day. Okay, so what can we do about it?  Here are a few tips to help slim down your portions to help you slim down.

  • Read package labels carefully making sure to note the number of servicing per container.  For instance, a low fat blueberry muffin may only be 160 calories.  However, the serving size for this muffin is 2 1/2.  The result of eating the entire muffin would 400 calories.

  •  Use a smaller size plate for dinner.  

  • Prepare only portion-size meals so there are no leftovers.

  • During dinner, take half the amount you normally would, then wait 10 minutes after you've cleared your plate to decide if you're really still hunger.  It takes about 10 minutes for the single to get to your brain that your full.

  • Sometimes thirst can be feel like hunger. Try drinking a glass of water and see if that curbs your hunger.

  • You don't have to give up your specialty coffee just order the smallest size.

  • Going out for dinner?  Eat a healthy snack before you go such as yogurt, fruit or a bowl of soup.  That way you'll be satisfied with smaller portions.




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To control serving size of pretzels or chips, repackage them in plastic bags with the correct serving size for your diet. Doing so, will prevent snacking from the larger bag and blowing your diet. 


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